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Regina Simmons   rsimmons8201@gmail.com
10-03-2019 12:47:38 PM CST

I think I signed up for the free workshop just wanted to contact you.

Nevaeh    Sedijagriffin81@gmail.com
05-01-2019 4:41:58 PM CST
How much is it to go to this camp my daughter really wants to go

Regina Simmons   Rsimmons8201@gmail.com
11-03-2018 8:54:47 AM CST
I would like for my daughter to be apart of your amazing company. She has nothing but idle time and I want to get her into something constructive. My brother Kennedy is your mentee and he has told me great thing about the company.

10-14-2018 6:35:07 PM CST

Hi i mer you at goodwill you told me to text you but did not see your number

Crystal Lazenby
05-17-2018 2:25:31 PM CST

Thank you tons for taking in my baby and for helping her share her gift with confidence. She is the smallest in the group, but she is confident enough to hold her own because she wants to excel. Thank you fot nurturing her gifts.

Renee Sterling
05-17-2018 12:57:06 PM CST
Its an honor to see your work going in the goodness of GOD. Being a witness of how GOD has worked miricals and has worked through hound your family to encourage and motivate people to reached and connect with their interself had Madre a firm believer in what GOD can do for me and others. Continue to be cohesively structured on pedestal of esteem. I love me some Moore's.rep on keeping on

Jacqueline Davis
05-17-2018 12:53:43 PM CST
Always an inspiration to me.

05-17-2018 12:31:29 PM CST
Thank-you, MAM, for all that you do. The hard work really pays off—especially when accompanied with the Spirit.

Lady T   teresahamilton06@gmail.com
03-24-2018 7:40:53 AM CST
Hello Selentia and hubby, this is Lady T. I need you to get in contact with my friend, maybe he can help you with funding or direct you to ways to get this MAGNIFICENT, ANNOINTED BLESSED project on its way bigger. I truly believe in you and love all your work. Chris 678-612-4322. May God continue to bless you and your vision. Lady T

Linda Walker
02-03-2018 5:20:19 AM CST
I am so happy for you

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